Flower Butterfly Tattoos – What Makes Them Attractive?

Flower butterfly tattoos are another intriguing and popular choice designs among women who are thinking of getting inked. Flowers represent a timeless symbol of beauty placemyad and femininity while butterflies symbolize transformation, change or rebirth. Both butterflies and flowers grow free and roam around for all the world to see. Butterflies have long fascinated and delighted us with their gorgeous colors and astounding transformation, from an earthbound caterpillar to a gorgeous winged creature. Flowers, on the other hand, have always been considered beautiful, attractive and pleasing because of its colors, symmetry, organization and useful characteristics. A butterfly naturally nectar on flowers for its food and it’s a sight to behold. Thus, it is no wonder that a combination of flower and butterfly as a design is considered as an option for women who are looking to get tattooed.

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