Why Diving in Indonesia Is More Fun

When you are diving, you want to experience fantastic sights and marine life on your dive; that is part of the joy of diving. After all, besides getting in some quality physical exercise and testing your skills, you want to explore the underwater world of the place you’re diving in. Certainly, you want a place that is interesting and exciting to see and explore, not a place that is just the same old, boring, expected sights and marine life. You also want a site that has good weather regularly. It is because of these reasons that diving in Indonesia is much more fun than other locations.

Indonesia has long been considered as one of the best locations on Earth for diving. There are several reasons why this is the case. Indonesia has one of the longest coastlines in the entire world, as it stretches from the Indian Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the West. Indonesia is part of the Coral Triangle of the world, containing about 20% of the world’s coral reefs, about 600 different coral species. It also has a great deal of fish biodiversity, as there are over 3000 fish species here. There are many others species of marine life here as well, including Manta rays, blacktip and whitetip sharks, seahorses, tuna, and more. In addition, Indonesia’s weather is ideal for diving between April to December, and it’s certainly possible to even dive during the months of January to March as well, thus giving the diving enthusiast many opportunities to dive throughout the year.

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