Air Guns – Do They Hit The Target for Gun Lovers?

Air weapons can be found in 2 forms, the air rifle along with the air pistol. As the term implies, both push their projectiles with the use of air, although the air is compressed in one way or another depending on model type.

Historically, the air gun was certainly around in one form in the sixteenth century because there is actually a surviving example in the Stockholm museum! By the seventeenth century, air guns had established themselves enough to use in hunting. These examples were commonly in the form of air rifles, and by now they were developed enough so as to pierce one inch deep timber at a range of one hundred paces. Really remarkable even for these days!

The pressures achieved on an array of these guns came to some 800PSI which was incredible. Nowadays however, we’re limited by low pressure simply for health and safety and legal factors. Actually in certain countries, air guns will still be classified as firearms, so you wouldn’t be able to obtain or use one except if a person had a license.

Power To The Air Gun

These days we’ve a choice of forms of air gun. By that I mean the choice of how we power that weapon. It’s still primarily driven by air, however the process of how that air is compressed varies substantially. Let’s look quickly at each of the options and find out what advantages or disadvantages each provide.

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