Interested in Cargo Shipping to Kuwait? Learn More About Sea Shipping to Kuwait

Situated between Saudi Arabia and Iraq on the Persian Gulf, Kuwait spans nearly 7,000 square miles and is home to around 2.8 million people (2011, according to World Bank data). Shipping ports in Kuwait include the Port of Shuwaikh, Port of Shuaiba, and Port of Doha.

If you are shipping cargo to Kuwait, there are some documents and paperwork you’ll need to get organized in advance. You should plan to have the following:

  • Two copies of your passport and this should include the information page and the residence permit page
  • Visa
  • Residence Permit (Kiama)
  • Temporary Import License
  • “No Objection Certificate” – This document is required from the Ministry of Interior
  • Employer declaration stating your employer status and firm information
  • Employer letter explaining the purpose of your visit to Kuwait
  • Authorization letter written in Arabic needed to clear shipments into Kuwait. Note that this document can be obtained upon arrival in Kuwait.
  • Copy of Civil ID (This is the Kuwait identification card)

You should also include a detailed inventory of the items you are shipping to Kuwait. Your inventory documentation should be written with plenty of descriptive information providing details about the brand, make and model of all of the items you are shipping to Kuwait. In addition, your inventory should include the gross weight of your cargo items and the number of packages you are shipping to Kuwait.

Please note, if you are shipping new items to Kuwait or personal computers, make sure that you have the original invoice and Certificate of Origin. The Certificate of Origin should include the manufacturer’s name and address.

When shipping cargo to Kuwait, you will be expected to be present for the customs clearing of your items. All items entering Kuwait are subject to inspection by Customs officials.

Personal effects like clothing and books are permitted to Kuwait duty-free if they arrive by air travel. Used household goods are permitted to Kuwait but subject to duty taxes.

Restricted Items When Shipping to Kuwait

If you are shipping cargo to Kuwait, there are restrictions on certain items. For example, electronics that are included in your cargo shipment will likely delay the customs process and are subject to approval by Kuwait’s Ministry of Commercial Industry.

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