Famous Drummers – Greg Bissonette

Greg Bissonette has a very extensive resume for any drummer, enough to be very proud of. A Michigan born drummer, Greg has not only performed with a dozen bands, but also achieved many of his dreams while performing, including a closely held dream to perform with both his brother in a pop rock band such as the Beatles. 사설토토 

He achieved this in 2003 when he and his brother were invited to play in Ringo Starrs band. He also performed TotoSantana, and many others, as well as working with his own band like The Mustard Seeds. He has also recorded with the Brian Setzer Big Band and Taxi, as well as other bands, on various CDs. Greg has also done extensive tours with other musicians such as Joe Satriani in the early 90s, and he continues to do these tours on every occasion. Finally, he has recently recorded a pair of solo CDs with his brother and guest members.

Greg was born in 1959 in the city of Detroit, Michigan. He came from a very musical background-his father plays the drums and his mother plays the piano and vibes. He was first taught the drums by his father at the age of five and by eleven was taking professional lessons through his school. He also took private trumpet lessons. His first exposure to playing in a band setting was with his family-he started a band at the age of fourteen with his brother and in 1974, he, his brother, and his father played professionally around the city. With such a supportive background to draw upon, it is no wonder that Greg felt comfortable working with a variety of bands and genres over his career.

Greg was married in 1996 and has since had two children, a son and a daughter. He continues to play drums for a variety of bands and groups and is listed as one of the top 100 drummers at place 75. He also gives drumming lessons to anyone interested, passing along the knowledge his father gave him and what he has picked up in his time as a drummer. Greg is a prime example of having dreams and then going after them-he has had the chance to work with so many of his heroes over his career as well as with his family, and then to be given the chance to tour with both his brother and Ringo Starrs band was another dream come true. He is always willing to work hard to make those dreams come true. He also never abandoned his family ties like many musicians do, indeed, strengthened them through his work whenever possible.

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