Long-Term Care Insurance Deserves Your Attention

Long-Term Care insurance can be a complicated and possibly expensive product if not designed with the clients needs, lifestyle and budget in mind. It is not for everyone. If you have few assets, you may be eligible for a Medicaid Nursing Facility when you are unable to care for yourself. The problem is most people would like to remain in their own homes as long as possible. Long-Term care insurance is appealing because it pays you in a variety of settings. The first choice is to remain at home with some outside help brought in to help with you with the activities of daily living.

As we age, there has always been a fear of outliving our assets. With today’s economic turn down, our assets have been greatly reduced. More and more are turning to long-term care insurance as part of their long-term care planning. We have dramatic gains in life expectancies without the same improvements in our retirement finances.

Many are scared about Alzheimer’s Disease as the numbers diagnosed each year keep increasing. Finally, but more important to many is not to be a financial or emotion burden to their children.

It is a very good assumption that you will require some kind of long-term care in your future. Many consumers mistakenly think that Medicare will cover their long-term care expenses. Beyond short-term hospital and nursing home stints allowing you to recover from treatable medical conditions, it will not.

Long-term care insurance, by contrast, is not health insurance but protection against progressive deterioration that leaves people incapable of caring for themselves either physically or mentally. The physical coverage is triggered by the inability of doing any two of the six established activities of daily living.

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