Community and Social Responsibility

Community and social responsibility revolves around the understanding of the impact your business has on the environment, on people, the community and the sustainability of the worlds resources. A business in your local community goes beyond making profits and acquiring wealth and therefore you need to acknowledge your obligation to the wider interests of your clients, employees and the community in which you work. This commitment to your local community, the environment you work and live in and the people you effect will have a lasting impact on your business in terms of creating trust and support from others. Rather than see it as another way for government to make your life difficult with more red tape, see it as a way to raise the level of social engagement you have with the local community, your customers, suppliers, clients, and family. None of us live or work in a vacuum and many of your workers will have a vested interest in the local community as many of them will live their. Your place within a community is underpinned by the relationship you have with your community. Remember, your community is all the people you deal with, work with and do business with. Business spends a lot of time and money on engaging with it audience to sell its products and to gain new clients. Money goes on marketing and PR, and yet many will forget that by making some small changes and committing to serving their community, and not just by being in it will bring large dividends.

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