Integrity First – A Golden Rule for Winners

One of the top values I coach people on is to live each moment with integrity. This summer, Olympic gold medal winner Cameron van der Burgh admitted using an illegal dolphin kick on his way to winning the 100m breaststroke gold medal. His rationale: “I’m not willing to sacrifice my personal performance and four years of hard work for someone else who is willing to do it and get away with it, and has proven to get away with it, as they did last year.”

So, my questions for you are:

Just because 99% of other competitors are doing it, and the rule is not enforced, does that make it acceptable?

How important is integrity to you in business?

Is winning at all costs more important to you than losing with honor in tact?

These are important questions to ask ourselves in our struggle to grow our business, our name, our company, our brand.

Personally, I am surprised and saddened that no-one called van ber Burgh out on his chosen course of action. Not because I want to put Cameron in the spotlight and give him bad press, but because letting it slide is spreading the global message that as long as no-one is holding us to this standard, as long as we don’t get caught, it is okay to cheat. It goes against what the Olympics is about. Not only that, when we’re not acting with the highest integrity it actually affects our health and our immunity on a cellular level.

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