The Ethics of Your Business

I’ve been hearing quite a bit lately about companies and their ethical beliefs and trainings. Unfortunately, most companies do not do nearly enough to fully integrate ethics into their workers. A one hour seminar, if even, once every two years just will not do it anymore. You do not see ethics taught must in high schools or colleges any more. You do not even see any sort of ethics being promoted on television (whether they are cable or main stream media does not even matter, unfortunately) of in movies (If the movie happens to be about business, you can be almost certain that there will a number of unethical situations show, whether within business or without). To avoid becoming one of those businesses known for having faulty ethical practices, here are some vitally important ways to get ethics back into the business.

To make the best ethical workers group is to start before they are even hired. Ethics must be strictly stated and questioned during the recruitment and interviewing processes. Strict, and specific, standards must be demonstrated, followed, and insisted upon before the applicant even gets the position. It may seem time-consuming at first, and probably will cost a bit of extra money, but having and promoting the standards before hiring will avoid any problems, most likely legal, in the future.

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