Hostels in Europe – How They Have Changed

Hostels all over Europe have changed greatly in the past years. Years ago hostels were mostly used by hikers and walkers in the countryside, but today youth hostel organizations have found out that hostels in big cities attract people who don’t want to stay at a hotel.

Most travelers spend nights at hostels because of the low rates. Group rooms with 4 beds and a shared bath for the whole floor can be as low as 15€ a night. A single room with a private bath can cost up to 50€. Some modern hostels even offer penthouses. It may sound strange, but the economic recession that started in 2008 has meant more business for hostels. Many travelers cannot afford expensive hotels any more.

The managers of hostels say that the kind of guests they get has also changed. Student backpackers mix with young urban professionals, families with children on holidays, business travelers and even older tourists.

In the past youth hostels had were famous for their big rooms that looked like dormitories. Young people didn’t care about sleeping with others in the same room, as long as it was cheap. Today, travelers are looking for single and double rooms.

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