Stackable Chairs

The mention of stackable chairs may conjure up memories of the school cafeteria, but the truth is that stackable chairs can have a place in more serious work settings as well – even in the office. Stackables offer a unique set of benefits that make them a compelling option for the home or office.

Stackable chairs: What are they?

Stackables are chairs that are designed to be stacked on top of one another for the sake of compactness and functionality. The benefits of stackables are significant. For one thing, when designed well, they can be very easily stacked and unstacked, allowing you to make varied and efficient use of the space available to you. They also tend to be more durable than otherwise comparable chairs, as they are designed with a certain expectation of less than gentle use in mind.

Stackables usually come in sets from about 3 to 5 chairs. These sets are also matched in style and color, so they make it easy to keep the motif of the room they’re going to be used in constant.

What to look for

There are a few things to look for when choosing chairs. Perhaps the most obvious thing is value. With chairs, you’re not really trying to push the envelope as far as style or comfort are concerned, and these happen to be the two variables that tend to have the most significant impact on furniture prices. You shouldn’t have to break the bank even when buying a solid, attractive set of stackable chairs for any purpose.

Stackables need to be able to withstand the wear and tear that comes from being stacked and unstacked repeatedly. Common frame materials for stackables include aluminum, wood, and plastic. Plastic usually isn’t appropriate for an office setting, so we’ll eliminate that for now. Both aluminum and wood can be viable choices, though, for various reasons. Aluminum frames tend to stand up better to even relatively careless use, and won’t show obvious signs of damage, so if you expect to be repeatedly loading and unloading the chairs, aluminum may be the way to go. Wood frames, on the other hand, have a more stylish appearance – these are stackable chairs that don’t really look like stackable chairs.

What to avoid

The main thing to stay away from when choosing chairs is armless upholstered designs. Upholstered stackable chairs look great and provide good comfort, but the armless ones can easily be damaged during the stacking or unstacking process, so we don’t really recommend these.

Resin stackable chairs

Resin stackables are stackable chairs with seats and backs made of a resin-based material, which has an appearance and feel similar to plastic, but a bit smoother. Most resin chairs are intended for kids, but there are some grownup-sized resin chairs on the market as well. They tend to have a more informal look, so they may not be appropriate for all offices or workplaces, but they fit in well at home, on the patio, or in the doctor or dentist’s office.

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