The RAM Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol

Presenting the Real-Action-Marker Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol. This is the most recent preparing device accessible to both law authorization organizations and paintball players the same. The RAM Desert Eagle paintball gun is intended to look, feel, and handle like its certifiable partner.

The magazine, which slides into the hand grasp, holds up to eight paint balls and doesn’t need magazine housings to utilize. Simply slide the.68 type paint balls into the magazine and it is prepared to utilize. Housings, in any case, might be utilized, and will add to the authenticity of situation paintball matches

Presently don’t will you squander Co2 when your clasp runs dry. Like the genuine firearm, when you run out of paintballs, it quits terminating. The Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol, similarly as with all quality paintball markers, has a flexible speed, seeing pinnacle execution going from 250 – 300 feet for every second. Ideal reach for the Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol is 65 feet, yet takes into consideration a greatest scope of up to 160 feet.

Controlled by a 12 gram expendable Co2 chamber housed in the hand grasp, every chamber permits you to start up to 50 rounds. This paint ball gun comes furnished with twin Weaver-style rails, situated at the top and close to worthless. The twin Weaver style rails are ideal for those of you who like to play with connectable extras, for example, strategic electric lamps or laser/holographic sights. Train like you will battle, and add another element of authenticity to your paintball situation gaming.

The RAM Desert Eagle Pistol additionally comes accessible with an implicit, refillable, inner Co2 repository. That model of the Desert Eagle paintball gun is fit for discharging 30 adjusts prior to requiring a revive. This permits players on any financial plan to get one of these great paintball markers.

Albeit the outer influence adaptation of this paintball gun has a marginally lower starting price tag, players will ultimately recover the additional cash that they contributed from not having to continually supplant the expendable Co2 chambers.

If you don’t mind recollect that the RAM Desert Eagle Paintball Pistol isn’t a toy planned for kids. Genuine mischief or injury may happen when any paintball marker is misused. Continuously wear the proper security gear when utilizing any paintball item.

This paintball marker is best utilized with RAP4 AG1 equation paint balls.

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