Life is a Highway – It’s Not About the Destination, It’s About the Journey, Right?

There are pot openings, sink openings, rock slides, head on crashes, smashed drivers, street slaughter, blinding lights, gridlocks, contamination, street rage, vehicle jackings, and so on

I fail to remember where I was going with this…

There are a ton of references to life being a street or way or some other surface that we’d travel down. I think the explanation behind that will be that we can’t picture the progression of time so we substitute it with some significant stretch we need to navigate. This encourages us to make a picture in our mind from which we can make a wide range of representations and examinations.

The issue is that I don’t need to go down a street; I can simply remain there. In any case, I can’t suspend my life in a moment; pause and glance around. I can’t simply plunk down and unwind until I want to go once more. I have charges, obligations, kids and an entire host of different reasons that make it unthinkable for me to simply stop how I’m doing some time. I need to continue to go down that street if I need to.

The pitiful the truth is that numerous individuals do plunk down, numerous individuals do quit voyaging. Regardless of whether it be on the grounds that they quit, they get derailed, tired or they’re just a slacker… they proceed down that street notwithstanding. The greater part of us need to do a wide range of things on that street however for some explanation… we just don’t. We feel that we can just procrastinate for some time and hit it up on the grounds that the street will consistently be there.

It is anything but a street, it’s your life.

You’re life is possibly so long and in the event that you don’t capitalize on it… you’ll reach the stopping point and understand that it’s past the point where it is possible to get things going. It’s past the point where it is possible to get going those feet. The street didn’t pause.

The AntiMotivator is a kick in the teeth way to deal with inspiration.

No vibe great cushioned rousing words, it’s called reality.

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