Importance of English Language Skill in Jobs

Many people passed their Master degree in English literature but could not get jobs in Pakistan. Why is it? The reason behind this is that although they have done masters in English, whenever they receive a call for an interview, they unable to speak English fluently. That is why they are rejected. When anyone sees their resumes, they expect a lot from their side because of their degree. Unfortunately it is a fact that minority of people in Pakistan speak English language fluently. It is the elite class or the people from the middle class who speak and understand English. Majority of people living in villages or slums in Pakistan have got very little knowledge about English. Those students who successes doing Master in English literature could not get benefit of it just because of their incapability of speaking English fluently.

Jobs in Pakistan

My understanding is that M.A in English Literature is setting high expectations in people reviewing resume for potential job openings. People probably are calling you with hopes that your English will be great because great English speaking skills are advantageous in a lot of careers in Pakistan.

Just imagine recruiters’ disappointment when you open your mouth and their expectations are abruptly shattered. Well, one can turn this scenario around. Remember, it is not your English reading skills that are holding you back, so reading a newspaper is not the solution; it is imperative to develop English speaking skills.

I wish I could tell people about some magic pill that makes one speak fluent English just like a native English speaker. But there is no such thing. The best way to improve your speaking skills is to speak to someone in English on a regular basis.

Any practice is good, whether one speak to someone who is native English speaker or not. My tips are to first Build Your Confidence by using simple English sentence structures that you know are correct. This will allow you to concentrate on getting your message across.

Second, do not speak too fast. It is important to use a natural rhythm when speaking English, but if you speak too fast it will be difficult for people to understand you.

I also read somewhere that call centers make their agents watch episodes of a TV show called “Friends” to help them pick up an “American Accent”. Hey, it cannot hurt to try. In your pursuit of English, just remember, nothing good ever comes easy. If you really want to improve your spoken English, then practice, practice, and Practice! The more you do it, the more confident and fluent you will become.


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